Truck Bed/Racks


 We combine utility, quality and freedom of expression with colors, finishes, custom logos, milled accents… and the list goes on. Let your imagination run wild, then contact us and we’ll make it real. 

Railings, Gates & Balusters


 We specialize in custom fabrication of railings, balusters, and gates. This includes both indoor and outdoor projects. We weld the whole project in-house, exactly to your vision and specifications. 

Catwalks & Platforms


 Our reinforced platforms and catwalks are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed strict OSHA guidelines. Some of our safety features include; standard safety yellow color and anti-slip texturing.  

Stainless Steel Welding


We fabricate stainless steel equipment for industrial use in chemical or food processes. Restaurants, Hemp Farms, Dairies, ext we can fabricate, repair and/or replace your stainless steel equipment.   

Industrial Machinery


We can fabricate repair and replace industrial machinery. And our professional Millwrights can install it. Hoods, conveyors, log decks, saw guards, bookends, stoker tubs, kiln carts, shaker pans, ext

Heavy Equipment


 Heavy Equipment repairs on any make and model attachment for wheel loaders, front end loaders, excavators, logging equipment and tractors. Bucket bottom replacement, edge and teeth replacement, dump body re-lining, trailer repair and re-building, commercial low repairs and Mobile Welding

Contact us to discuss your repair requirements.